Recalling the Toyota Prius

#191.Share this piece I read on the Toyota Prius recall because it’s funny and it deserves to be shared especially on a day where there is little relief from the news headlines (a combination of high drama from Winnie Mandela and real trauma). Writing in Time magazine, Joel Stein says:

“I am not one of those people who sit around rooting for product recalls. That’s because those people don’t exist. But I got excited when Toyota recalled the 2010 Prius. It’s not that I dislike the Prius. My lovely wife Cassandra has one, and it is an excellent vehicle. Except for its need to constantly tell you how excellent it is. There’s a screen in the center of the dashboard with an animation that shows how much energy the car is recycling as you drive it. If one of your employees were really efficient but throughout the day kept standing up in his cubicle and yelling, “I am really efficient!” you would fire him. Or punch him in the steering wheel.

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