Re-locating the city

#12: Find the city skyline.

Winter haze Johannesburg

I saw this photograph on Gregor Rohrig’s blog and feel vaguely disturbed by it. I love the image but it’s not of the city I know and love. The skyline I associate Joburg with is the one that has the Hillbrow tower rising above the inner city. This image is of Sandton, and while it is vying to be the new CBD, it hasn’t yet won me over. Joburg has outstretched its limits and like Los Angeles has become a sprawling metropolis with many centres. Perfect for the postmodernist but alarming for the romantic.

2 thoughts on “Re-locating the city

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  2. Like Laurice,I am a tad romantic about poor ol’ Jozi.

    Just checked the Afro post-cardish image of the city I now call my home, sixteen years after arriving with two penny and a copy of Bloke Modisane’s Blame Me On History.

    But I wonder how the old bitch would fare,gazed from the rear…the Sandton City-Alexandra part of the picture.

    Would we still feel romantic about the city were its rear in our view?
    Me don’t think so.

    What do you think?


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