Zapiro, Jacob Zuma and Sarah Palin – The lines are drawn

#35. Re-enter my world. Back in Joburg all anyone can talk about is Zapiro’s cartoon that appeared in the Sunday Times. The image of ANC president Jacob Zuma unbuckling his pants while members of the alliance — the ANC Youth League, SA Communist Party and labour federation COSATU — hold down the figure of Justice and the ANC says “Go for it, Boss” is in a word, shocking!

Shocking in that it delivers such a powerful message about complicity, about corruption, the “rape” of justice and the pursuit of power for the sake of power. As Zapiro said in an interview with The Times yesterday the cartoon is about “the most powerful man in the country” … “violating the justice system that people fought and died for” while the alliance weighs in with their support.

Cartoon by Zapiro. It originally appeared in the Sunday Times on September 7, and is reproduced here with permission.

It’s a call to arms — rather than for arms (Something that needs pointing out in a place where JZ’s rendition of umshini wam rings out a little too often). A reminder that there will always be things worth fighting for, and that justice and fairness, and the institutions that ensure them need to be protected.

Which brings me to Sarah Palin, that gun-toting mama from Alaska — a state with more caribou than people (although not for long if ms. Palin has anything to do with it). She too wants to rule with a shotgun in one hand and a bloodied carcass nearby.

Despite their similarities I do have to acknowledge though that unlike JZ who has been condemned by Zapiro to forever wear a shower on his head, ms. Palin has probably done more for hairstyles (well, in a shorter space of time) than Jennifer Aniston managed during her Friends days and Purdey in the New Avengers did before her.

Credit must be given where it is due.

100 thoughts on “Zapiro, Jacob Zuma and Sarah Palin – The lines are drawn

  1. I must admit I found the cartoon shocking – and then after a little think – scary. The gentleman on SAFM this morning in interviewing Zapiro really showed his colours and I could hear the anger against Zapiro in his voice. Never has the adage “the truth hurst” been more true. We must stand up for our constitution and for truth and justice. Once we start compromising our ethics and distorting our morals we might as well return to primitive times. Well done Zapiro for shocking us all in more ways than one.

  2. I must say these days not many people are willing to speak out against injustice. Especially in SA where the curent culture is one of complacency where people are ignorantly refusing to see the the truth. Mr Zapiro has managed to capture very vividly exactly what Jacob Zuma is attempting to do. What scares me is that this is the man that the ANC is so sure will run the country after the next election. The harsh realisation that the era of Mandelas is over. Now we are stuck with whoever is left. Unfortunately it is ruthless men like Jacob Zuma, men with no integrity, no moral values. Men who has perfected the art of indoctrinating the masses to make them blind to their mistakes and follow them no matter what the cost. Men who can persuade others to take up arms for them. But as long as we have freedom of speech and as long as men like Zapiro can draw cartoons like these, the future does not seem that bleak. To me Zapiro is a hero!!!

  3. I was also shocked and yet again brought to the crisis reality facing our country’s leadership.

    Zapiro: you have painted a picture worth a thousand words the fundament of which is somewhat based on the ANC president’s preceding behaviour. I couldnt help but laugh at the the Zuma kippah (no offence to our Jewish brothers!

  4. Zapiro is the man! Truth must be told,whether Zuma likes it or not.No one could have painted a clearer picture than Zapiro(pun intended)!To me,this is a true non-subjective opinion of some of us.WELL DONE ZAPIRO!
    P.S I love the creativity!

  5. Never a truer word or in this case a picture shown. He wants his day in court but fights it at every turn. The only people benifitting are his legal team, and they will stretch it as far as possible. This country is being raped every day by people like Jacob Zuma and the sheep follow.

  6. Also shoking is that… According to these people….the press are even ABLE to reach a limit on the freedom of press right!!! Which means that we all have a limit! What the hell are they smoking?
    Do they realy have that small a concept of what freedom really is? They can support violence…in all it’s forms! No problem with that! And songs that call for the bringing of machine guns!
    And they lie! Blatantly LIE to the very people they pretend to be working to empower! Then they get THIS angry when a cartoon exposes them for the jackals they are!

    Zapiro…keep on busting their heads!

    Zuma…deja vu?

  7. The cartoon is extremely clever – well done Zapiro.
    It is also extremely accurate. Zuma and his acolytes are trying to force the Justice Dept to drop charges, for no other reason than because he is their hero. If that isn’t raping justice, what is?
    If Zuma is innocent, why is he spending millions of the taxpayers money to fight and appeal every single bit of evidence. A while ago people were calling for him to have his day in court. Now the call is for charges to be dropped. Doesn’t that imply that he is guilty? The critics who call Zapiro racist must remember that he also gave the apartheid government a hard time. The Nationalists deserved what they got from Zapiro and so does Zuma.

  8. It was a brilliant cartoon and one very apt to the political situation. Once these goons have finished with justice what/who is next? Well done Zapiro for speaking out when so many of us remain SILENT about what is happening in our country.

  9. In Sesotho they say “Kgoho e llang pele lehe ke la yona” meaning the guilty ones are the first to cry foul.

  10. I think if we can all be like Zapiro,Stand on what we believe is right for our country not to be lead by the bunch of arrogant and foolish people like Malema,Our country can be a better place were people are not made to believe that criminals are heroes.Big Up Zapiro.

  11. This is absolutely disgusting and racist, no wonder white people are so supportive of this gutter journalism. The cartoon not only insinuate the rape of justice but it goes further and depicts Zuma as a rapist(what about this constant showing of the dripping shower). Zapiro need to be reminded that Zuma was acquited of the rape charges. Why then the consistent depiction of him as a rapist if there is no racial motivation?

  12. I am afraid George must be one of those idiots who support Zuma. Zuma was acquitted of rape undoubtedly (though guilty of crass stupidity), but that has nothing to do with this cartoon. The cartoon is an excellent portrayal of what the Zuma cult has in store for us. He is the new Mugabe. With sycophants like those depicted he is intent on not allowing legal process. Why is that? Is he innocent? If so why does he not have his day in court? Simple the man is guilty as charged and his day in court would prove it.

  13. This is just unfair and all who are saying well done to the folly Zapirio are driven by their racist attitudes and history will deal with them. Lastly, we are going to vote for ANC and Mr. Zuma shall lead our beloved country – racists like it or not!

  14. Well done Zapiro. You the jackals where it hurts.You said it in a way that no one could have said it better.

  15. Good one Zapiro! You just keep up the good work. It’s like a scoreboard. You get it right; they scream, shout and moan. If they do it, it is freedom of speech and they were ‘misunderstood’. If you do it, it is disgusting, a disgrace and unfair. Shows you were on target again.
    One question I would like to ask the Tsotsi leaders. If it is not the rape of justice, what is it?

  16. George said ‘this is disgusting & racist’.
    Please brother give it up! What is disgusting is the behavior of us black people.We abuse our positions when we are in authority,then want to turn around & blame it on apartheid when our deeds catch up with us.We better own up & take responsibility for our actions before we end up like Zim.What kind of legacy are we leaving for our kids!!! This goes against what Mandela,Sisulu & Thambo fought for.Wake up & stop blaming other people for your wrong doings!

  17. Very clever cartoon; now Zapiro must show the same cartoon with the rugby players raping freedom of association and human rights. I am sure Tereblanche woud bomb thetimes building.

    The real stupid people are my brothers and sisters.What aation are you; they will opress you or another coming 500 years. You get confused so easily.

  18. As a black woman, and a survivor of child molestation, I was shocked and disgusted by the cartoon.

    However, any intelligent person will clearly point out this is more than just a drawing. It is indeed a true reflection of the horizon of where the so- called leaders are taking us to. Disregard of justice, as long as you are a big honcho in the ANC…as long as you “were in the struggle and fought for freedom”… as long as you can sing “umshini wam'”

    So well done Zapiro for revealing to the world exactly what the future of South Africa is going to be when they take over.

  19. Zapiro is just making a political opinion as he’s not immune in favouritism.

    Is it by default that the cartoon comes a week after Leon launched his book on arms deal/ Zuma?

    Is Zapiro not undermining the very same justice by reopening a case that Zuma acquitted? He seems not to be happy about the verdict.

    Now Fred must ask what is going on on Makhanya’s head as he did with Vavi/Malema. What did he allow this? Massive question!!

    I for one I’m not surprised by these controversial incidents around election time.

    Wake up people!!

  20. There is nothing new about the cartoon because we all know that the whole new look ANC is trying very hard to keep their boss away from trouble even if it means to undermine our judicial system.Zuma got away with rape on technicalities.

    We all know that he slept with the daughter of his comrade where she was suppose to be a father figure.He was very vocal about his day in court and now afforded the day he no longer practice what he was preaching instead he is trying very hard not to have his day.He went to Mauritius to block the handover of a diary to be part of evidence and he failed.Zuma and his cronies continue systematically to attack our judicial system under the name of defending their leader. Where are we heading as South Africans?

  21. One thing that strikes me from the comments are that people are supporting Zapiro across the colour lines. I love how South Africans are starting to unite against what really is a very dangerous route our country is being forced into by the alliance.

    Can someone please just answer this for me: Why does Mr Zuma not step down as a candidate? Whether he is innocent or guilty really does not matter, but he is the only catalyst in this matter. So what if it infringes on his personal rights to run, surely the peace of the country outweighs his right to run a thousand times? There must be a more suitable candidate in the ANC.

    If Mr Zuma did not block the case against him he would have had his day in court long ago, but he insist in stalling so that he does not have to answer questions in a court of law, with evidence for or against his guilt. Now he is blaming the system for taking too long and infringing on his rights, but it is Mr Zuma that is slowing the process down!

    Well done Zapiro for raising the issue that everyone is too afraid to talk about and putting it in the public arena.

    The core comments of the cartoon are vital issues. Don’t get distracted by potential peripheral issues that can be read into it. I believe that it depicts the current situation of the alliance trying to undermine a core institution in our democracy and that is what everyone should be focusing on.

  22. Funny how the “whites” have become “democrats” educating us about the importance of “speaking out”, you certainly made a lot of noise when you where in power and there was “press freedom” and the judiciary was “independent”, ofcouse.

    As for the “black diamonds”,Why? are you afraid that the working class is going to take your BMW’s and swimming pools(the same thing whites were saying just b4 ’94) ironically, same rethoric, different voice.

    I know its hard betting on a loosing horse, so the hurt and humiliation of Polokwane will stay with us for a while, ya’ll are acting like a jilted lover who does not wanna move on.

    As for Mondli Makhanya: Stollen hospital records, david bullard’s racist diatribe, “R30 mil given to Pres Mbeki”, Transnet “selling our shores”,…..uuuh, all under your “editorship”. I rest my case.

    As for the cartoon itself, jonathan shapiro seems to be doing the very same thing as the “rapists of justice” are doing, disrespecting the “not guilty verdict” by the Joburg court on the Zuma “rape” case, maybe in his mind he had already found Zuma guilty (trial by the press I guess)…..just me thinking, use it don’t use it…..

  23. Hola Holaa Zapiro, at least some people can talk about the injustice in Mzanzi. what about the kill the …… statement? who are they , are they the lawmaker?

  24. Peter my brother the reason why is not stepping down the answer is simple, is that the new ANC bigwigs have been sideline by Mbeki’s regime and used Zuma’s popularity to be in power.They are in a position of power now and have no doubt that they will steadily oust Zuma and put their true candidate of choice.In fact in a nutshell they will compensate Zuma for using him to oust their perceived enemies and at the same time praying for the court to find Zuma guilty pretending to be supporting him.

    As for Kwazi’s comment we have heard that chorus over and over about Zuma being tried in a court of public opinion and the “not guilty verdict” but all we want is justice to prevail at the end of the day not seeking ways of diverting the public focus on minor issues of judicial technicalities.The public is waiting for the truth and the closure of this saga in a true court of law.

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  26. Peter my brother the reason why is not stepping down the answer is simple, is that the new ANC bigwigs have been sideline by Mbeki’s regime and used Zuma’s popularity to be in power.They are in a position of power now and have no doubt that they will steadily oust Zuma and put their true candidate of choice.In fact in a nutshell they will compensate Zuma for using him to oust their perceived enemies and at the same time praying for the court to find Zuma guilty pretending to be supporting him.

    As for Kwazi’s comment we have heard that chorus over and over about Zuma being tried in a court of public opinion and the “not guilty verdict” but all we want is justice to prevail at the end of the day not seeking ways of diverting the public focus on minor issues of judicial technicalities.The public is waiting for the truth and the closure of this saga in a true court of law.

  27. Do not shame us that was the comment by Desmond Tutu with the inference to Zuma lack of leadership and i do not care who says what.We do not want to put an individual to power for the sake of fullfilment.We want a leader who can lead not only to lead but trully knows what he stands for and want to achieve.Mandela was very clear what he personally stand for in his era which is about reconcilliation,deconstruction of the evil past (apartheid) and reconstruct the future which he did that with some degree of dinstinction.Mbeki was more on the continent and to rebuild economy.What Zuma stand for? except to say the policies of the ANC says this and that.We know about the ANC policies we do not want to be told about them over and over again.


  29. I believe the article is appropriate as it takes something shocking to depict what is happenning SA. I write this sitting in the UK (My new home) thinking thank god I left before that JZ came to power. Sad to leave such a great country but so nice not to worry about crime, corruption and lack of justice.

  30. Dingaan,Lungani & the rest of Zuma’s fan club;why are you all trying to force “Zuma for president” down our throats? It’s so funny how you all Zuma fans avoid seeing what is right or wrong.You all sound like your leader(Zuma),when you run out of excuses for your bad behavior you cry racism.
    Can someone please explain to me what is so racist about that cartoon? Did it say anything about BLACK & WHITE? Or Zuma fans are complaining about the colour of ink used on a white paper? Zapiro please use different colours next time because you see in SA we’ve got issues with colour(pun intended)!LMFAO

  31. he might have been proven innocent of raping thatlady but he is now surely raping the justice system with anger. zapiro !!!!APLAUSE!!!!!!

  32. Ha Ha Ha – I love this cartoon, at least Zapiro says it like it is. I am so glad that I have left SA for greener pastures. SA is headed down the same road as Zimbabwe and practically every other African country before that. It may take a bit longer but it will happen with “leaders” like these in charge…..

  33. One simply has to ask whether, objectively speaking, the ANC can rightly be critised for “raping” the principles of democracy. Surely this question is to be answered in the affirmative and Zapiro portrayal of what is going on is spot on.

    And as per usual the best response the supporters of the ANC regime can come up with, is to play the racist card. It is really becoming sooooo… boring and is in any event blatantly disengenuous.

  34. Zapiro, Zapiro… needless to say the cartoon has caused such a furore! A lot of people phoning in for and against… the message is very relevant and alarming and true to the spirit of caricature, it is perfect in its message. ‘they’ are beginning to violate the justice system in this country and when that goes… we may say goodbye to democracy and civilisation. Not many seem to see that the emperor has no clothes !!! I must admit that some staunch ANC members agree with the message – a lot is being debated about the use of ‘rape’ – for me, it is violation of the worst kind, stripping the respect and dignity of a system that is above the country and its leaders or president – raping the justice system !!! God help SA if it comes to that ! we will renouce the basis of civilisation
    Well done Zapiro, you’re a cartoonist in its purest sense!

  35. I have commented in a critical sense but not to blow this conversation out of proportion by discrediting everything that the ANC stands for. I disagree with some of the commentators boasting about leaving our shores for greener pastures and blame all that to the ANC.
    We all affected directly or indirectly about the recent developments in our political sphere in our country and therefore we all have the responsibility to foster a save HEAVEN for the future generations .All that have to start by debating in a more constructive way and reach some kind of common understanding and device alternative route in tackling the problems we are facing .Look it is not bad as some commentators put It. I love South Africa in a sense that the though of leaving never cross my mind .I will rather fight within than to shout from the roof top. Remember am an African.

  36. Wow! I am glad that we still have people who are bold enough to tell the TRUTH as they see it, without any fear whatsoever. Thank you Zapiro, thank you! South Africa is NOW talking and you started it!

    Others may all cry racism and “not guilty verdict”, but this is not about any of that – it’s about the everyday raping of the justice system.

    We really needed someone to put a halt to this, and sensible South Africans alike (black and white, men and women)all thank you, Zapiro! Keep it up!

  37. Nothing could be further from the truth-Zapiro is saying the justice system (the woman) is helpless and cannot defend itself (herself) against the ANC, JZ & Co. He is also saying JZ is a rapist – the man was acquited in a court of law for rape. The shower on top of his head, i gues we’ll never hear the end of that, though it was explained & found acceptable in Court. Zumas allies are potrayed as “yes men” with no thinking of their own, & i’ve known Mr. Mantashe, Dr. Ndzimande & Vavi to be great independant thinkers, with independant views. Malema is a little iffy. The ommissions in this picture are glaring though, where is BUSA in that picture. What is basically being said is that Zuma should submit himself for slaughter like a sacrificial lamb without defending himself. The man has done nothing wron but explored every legal means to defend him. Potraying him as rapist is very low & indeed racist-im disgusted by this cartoon!!!

  38. Sorry but where on the cartoon does it specifically say it is Mr. Zuma ?

    Good luck for the awards tonight Mr. Zapiro love your work.

  39. Die waarheid maak seer! Lanklaas so vinnig en so baie reaksie gesien vanuit daardie geledere wat dink mag is verhewe bo die reg. Ek haal my hoed af vir Zapiro en hoop dit is nie die laaste sien van die waarheid in beeld nie!

  40. Great satirical cartoon! Great courage by Zapiro! A bit crass.

    Methinks that we are fully in an election year!!! May we survive it without too much damage-repair needed after the elections….

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