Zapiro, Jacob Zuma and Sarah Palin – The lines are drawn

#35. Re-enter my world. Back in Joburg all anyone can talk about is Zapiro’s cartoon that appeared in the Sunday Times. The image of ANC president Jacob Zuma unbuckling his pants while members of the alliance — the ANC Youth League, SA Communist Party and labour federation COSATU — hold down the figure of Justice and the ANC says “Go for it, Boss” is in a word, shocking!

Shocking in that it delivers such a powerful message about complicity, about corruption, the “rape” of justice and the pursuit of power for the sake of power. As Zapiro said in an interview with The Times yesterday the cartoon is about “the most powerful man in the country” … “violating the justice system that people fought and died for” while the alliance weighs in with their support.

Cartoon by Zapiro. It originally appeared in the Sunday Times on September 7, and is reproduced here with permission.

It’s a call to arms — rather than for arms (Something that needs pointing out in a place where JZ’s rendition of umshini wam rings out a little too often). A reminder that there will always be things worth fighting for, and that justice and fairness, and the institutions that ensure them need to be protected.

Which brings me to Sarah Palin, that gun-toting mama from Alaska — a state with more caribou than people (although not for long if ms. Palin has anything to do with it). She too wants to rule with a shotgun in one hand and a bloodied carcass nearby.

Despite their similarities I do have to acknowledge though that unlike JZ who has been condemned by Zapiro to forever wear a shower on his head, ms. Palin has probably done more for hairstyles (well, in a shorter space of time) than Jennifer Aniston managed during her Friends days and Purdey in the New Avengers did before her.

Credit must be given where it is due.

100 thoughts on “Zapiro, Jacob Zuma and Sarah Palin – The lines are drawn

  1. I think it’s brilliant,creative and scary.The only thing disgusting and scary about it is that it could actually be true.

  2. south africa i think jokes are meant to be funny but this time around zapiro has gone way out of hand as we the members of the most progressive movement (ANC) and south africans in particular are very dissapointed by this cartoon. i personally feel that what happened to david the rude writer should happen to zapiro.this is the president that is being trampled on. if the choice was mine id say he should pack his bags and leave south africa cant be a home to cold hearted self centered tempted to call him a bastard .he shuold leave for the sake of ANC

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  4. Eugene.
    The ANC is no longer PROGRESSIVE. You are parroting a word that you do not know the meaning of. The ANC is showing a REGRESSIVENESS that threatens to undo democracy and the rule of law in this country. For the sake of the ANC, the progressive element needs to take back control of the POLITICAL PARTY (it is no longer a liberation ‘movement’), from the SACP, COSATU and the Youth League rubbish.

  5. I think it is awesome the way this cartoon has got people thinking and engaging, in what I consider the most constructive feedback on a article yet.

    I am happy to see black and white people express their views. I think this is the most I have seen people open up and talk about how they really feel / fear.

    I am concerned to see that there are still a big number of people that will believe anything in miss-placed loyalty. I think this cartoon got something right that few other things could do, to get people talking. That is what we need most in this country.

    Only through dialog can we get to understand each other, and even help people understand the ethics of things they do not understand due to their unfortunate upbringing.

    Good or bad, this cartoon got people talking.


  6. Why the big fuss? This cartoon says exactly what’s happening? Our country’s entire future is being determined by a bunch of people who have formed an alliance and want to intimidate????? I hope the justice system puts them in their place to assure the South African public that NOBODY is above the law!! When are Mr JZ and his friends gonna allow for transparency so that the South African public can judge for themselves? In the days of Mr Shaik – Mr Zuma told everybody that he should not be judged and deserved his own fair trial… Now that he has it – he wants to avoid it??? Why I ask… Why?

  7. In a country where we have a serious scourge of … violence against women and … rape, we need to be careful how we use the … concept of rape loosely to (illustrate) perceived abuse.”

  8. I agree with Gideon, this cartoon got people thinking. Including myself and I also agree with this comment made:” In a country where we have a serious scourge of … violence against women and … rape, we need to be careful how we use the … concept of rape loosely to (illustrate) perceived abuse” by the ANC, Youth League and SACP.

  9. Larry talks about the “rule of law”….what rule of law. This so called rule of law only applies to Africans and not to caucasians.

    Apartheid judges never make judgements againts “whites” while they happily hand life sentences to Africans.

    The “rule of law” did not apply to warlords like Magnus Malan and Phillip Powel, Mark Thatcher, Mark Scott-Crossly, the farmer who dragged his employee hehind his bakkie, the one who shot a babey behind her back(“mistaking them for babbons”), the white-collar criminals, etc…

    The day our courts show the same kind of justice to a poor African man as it would to a rich caucasian men, then I would respect and DEFEND it with evey fibre in my body.

  10. Great Cartoon – the truth hurts and the guilty are the fist to cry foul – the ANC guilty also support Robert Mugabe’s human rights violations and continue to protect Mugabe – In 10 years South African will be worse than Zimbabwe if we continue to support dictatorial policies and support for Tony Yengeni who does not work and does not pay taxes as he has ANC executive exemption – but drives a R1m BMW and earns a lot of money being a MP.

  11. Dingaan, Lungani every time a white person does something that you don’t like you can’t label him as a racist. Please go look at the definition of a racist, I don’t believe it applies in most of the context that it is being used in South Africa today. I am not saying in any way that racism is dead, it’s just a convenient label in a lot of instances to try to win a argument that has nothing to do with racism. Racism should be fought in every way, but please don’t use it as a trump card.

    It is the same as in the apartheid era, as soon as a white person said anything against the apartheid government they where labelled a communist. I’m sure you can see the parallels.

    Please stop crying racist all the time, it really is getting old and you look like an idiot when you do. Argue the facts and act on merit, people will give you alot more credit.

    Regardless Zapiro was insinuating that Zuma is raping justice, not a human. It is just unfortunate for Mr Zuma that he has a checkered past. Mr Zuma not just defending himself, Mr Zuma and his allies are trying to intimidate the country and the legal system in acquitting him before he stands against the charges against him. A very different thing to defending yourself in court.

  12. Is this any worse than Dave Bullards column? If anyone should get fired – fire the editor! the buck stops with him in any other “democratic” country…

  13. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts”, wise word of Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
    Now let’s examine if there is any truth form “Truth’s” coments…

    (FICTION)”…the ANC guilty also support Robert Mugabe’s human rights violations and continue to protect Mugabe…”FACT: Zuma, COSATU AND the SACP have spoken out against Mubage and the sham “elections”, it is Mbeki and his supporters who are backing Mugabe.

    “…In 10 years South African will be worse than Zimbabwe if we continue…” I have heard this b4, 15 years ago. Remember the white teacher who told her students that by 2010 there won’t be any black people coz they would all have died of AIDS(I’m sure “Truth” thought this was the truth 10 years ago).

    “Tony Yengeni…….but drives a R1m BMW and earns a lot of money being a MP”…(FACT)…Tony Yengeni is not an MP.

    “Unity without verity is no better than conspiracy”, John Trapp.

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  15. Zuma et al has purposefully politicised his own impending trial, and then blame the judiciary for the politicisation. They froth on about how the judiciary is inflaming the public and causing political and public unrest, but it is this despicable leadership that are using inflammatory language and whipping up a militant support base to picket the courts and police stations. They are using the same tactics for fighting apartheid, to now fight the judicial system so that they can force there way through the law.

  16. There is no hope for a country where every negative comment against the government is labeled as racist.

  17. Yengeni was elected to the ANC national executive, which is a big job for a convicted crook fresh out of jail and on parole. Shows how the new pirates in the ANC glorifies criminals and criminality. Otherwise, who cares?

  18. Ogazm, let me try and answer your question on behalf of Truth, since Larry fails to do …..”eeeeeee I DUNNO…….It sounded true when I said it” [as Truth clicks on the tab on his toolbar and continues with his fav past time; throwing dice]

  19. As someone living abroad and an ex-SA citizen it saddens me to see the various comments that allude to positive re Zuma and his crowd. If SA is not careful the country will befall into the same catagory as Zim /Korea et al. The solution would be Zuma’s resignation and a new candidate elected !!

  20. Larrytjie,What you saying is that you were actually not replying to my question but could resist telling us what you think of Mr Yengeni even when no one asked you.Am i correct or misunderstanding you?

  21. Only one moron who’s talking nonsense on this blog and that’s noone other than Larritjie.

    This man is still recovering from 1994 aftermath. So cares about his myopic views in this country?

    It must be frustrating to bark at a moving wagon!

  22. Just look at the truth here for a moment, Zapiro is said to have overstepped the mark according to this upstart Julius Malema.
    The thing is weather the ANCYL like it or not; the issues portrayed by Zapiro and other political commentators local or international in a democratic society are always going to look for the “weak link”, if there is an overall well defined controversy portraying a politician.
    This however is to complicated for this dumb selected ANCYL moron, This Dark Africa mentality will not change, and its unfortunate but true that when a real dumb person starts threatening society with “kill for Zuma” and the dumb masses agree toyi- toyi and raid magistrate courts and loot shops , threaten and beat up innocent people, then Im afraid there is no future for us as a country.
    Below is an extract of the ANCYL latest hit song.

    Hondo, which means ’war’ in Shona, includes the repeated sound of gunfire and lyrics such as “forward with war (Phambili ngere hondo)” and “we have AKs (Ngithi thina siphethe amaaka)”.

    Savages are what civil society are dealing with here, and as long as Zuma is standing alongside this idiot Malema signing about his machine gun,….. well you do the math!
    Viva Africa Viva!!!

  23. What can I say? welldone to Zaps!! We love you man. we need every bit of sobering up. On another note, welldone to the Zimbabwean leaders for reaching some sort of compromise. maybe next time some idiot claiming to be from the greener pastures land won’t be able to refer to RSA following Zim…Viva Africa Viva!!!

  24. Court rules in favour of Zuma. Zapira mince his graphics.

    I don’t recall him cartooning Mbeki raping the Scorpion or sttermaring (sp) the principle of innocent unti proven guilty.

    Zuma for President

  25. Lets face it the ANC is a splitting example of the expression “none so blind as them that do not want to see”. The facts are in front of their eyes but they do not wish to answer them. They know Zuma as well as Mbeki are as guilty as sin but with a jumble of no meaning words they hope to talk it away. If its a white man prosecute immediately if a Government head dog postpone and postpone for as long as possibly maybe the country will forget the crime. All power to Zapiro’s pen. micdee

  26. You are correct and misunderstanding me, orgazm (Thetimes???). I am just telling you the truth, understand. Confused? Ask Dingaan. He seems to know whats going on.

  27. Zapiro’s cartoon wuz outstanding. It did not only show the image of those guys in the cartoon itself but also brought out their real images in reality in their statements and actions.. It always surprises me wen a black person says or does something to the white man it is right of speech n opinion n no matther what garbage they choose to defend their points its always right.. Yet wen the white man does something to the black man its always racism.. I think the true meaning of racism needs to be learnt by ALL in south africa.. It seems that alot of people do not understand it. And what needs to be clear is who are the real racists. Also if u look at peoples arguments about the use of the female which they claim is offensive, Come on people, Don’t choose to see when the use of a woman is offensive and abusive. On the normal day when u look at the car magazine with the lady all over the car or some advertising boards, then is that not degrading and abuse of woman? Lets Look at the real meaning of what the cartoonist is getting across. Don’t comment on that wich u cannot understand.

  28. Great cartoon. Great response – from most. To the hate mongering idiot who refers to the cases of Scott-Crossley and the bloke who shot the baby on the back of a woman, check up the facts. Further investigation proved that the farme fired a warning shot which riquocheted from an overhead powerline and fatally wounded the infant. As for Scott-Crossley – the court took sworn statements from two self-confessed murderers that he ordered them to throw the body of the man, which they had attacked, to the lions. Huh? How did they ever convict him? Anyway, as a pessimistic South African now living abroad, I find the responses generally reassuring. Here’s to SA not becoming like one of the other 50 odd states in Africa. Best they stop making the same decisions!

  29. More laughter for you Rob.

    After realising his miscacilation Zapiro has new one depicting Mbeki and his surrogates about to rape Madama Justice. It should have come before the Zuma one Shapiro!!

    It’s too Jonathan. You’ve dented you image boet!!

    It shows that cartoonists and editors are not immune to party politics.

  30. Hey Dingaan
    The frightening thing is that Mbeki has been subverting the constitution surreptitiously while Zuma and his cronies have been attacking it openly with their threats of violence.
    As against this we have the power of the judges who are showing enormous restraint and guts in passing judgements that show independence and are upholding what Luthuli, Biko, Tambo and all the other greats fought and died for. What a pity we have a brief interlude where a few feeble minded people are trying to make a mockery of all those people fought for.
    I still believe that all those naysayers who ducked to poverty in foreign countries will be proven wrong. This is Africa’s century and South Africa will lead the renaissance!

  31. Jonathan Shapiro cannot be described by the conventional word “disgusting”. He brings a frightening new pictorial lewdness to a country scourged by violence and rape. A sad small mind, indeed.

  32. Hi Dave
    When you talk about someone who is acknowledged to be one of the greatest political satirists currently working in this manner I am afraid you expose your own ignorance rather than have any negative affect on his reputation.

  33. Zapiro can we replace the text in the speech bubble of the “Go for it boss!” to read “Hei Tsuga Thabo,did u think we would not recognise u”

  34. Brilliant cartoons, as always. Keep up the good word in you’re cartoons. The truth is well illustrated….

  35. Keep it up Zipiro, Fools who claim to be wise and powerful need to be reminded that they are bafoons!


  37. Well ZAPIRO, you continue to reaffirm our belief in art as a tool to shape political discourse…I wish we had someone like you illuminating what’s happening in the USA today. Keep it up.

  38. Big up 2 Zapiro for voicing or “penning” reality. I admire his substance and standing up for what he believes in. If Zuma is innocent and indeed undeserving of having all sorts of ‘atrocities’ inflicted on him (including the famous showerhead), why so much effort to avoid going to court? We need people of integrity and high moral fibre leading this country.

    Let’s not turn this country into another Zim by turning a blind eye to what’s happening, simply to advance a handful’s selfish and political agenda. We have a voice to speak up, let’s use it. WELL DONE ZAPIRO!!!

  39. i think what Zapiro did was thumbs up.we dont need such leaders like Julius Malema,whenever he opnens his mouth he talk rubbish and we are not going to stand for it. we are tired of his statements that cause controversies all the time.what kind of a president is he going to be.that’s one question we will have to find out!

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  41. White poeple killed our brother and sisters you can mentioned them the list is endles, and no justice was done but yet they open their big mouth against our President Zuma because he w’ll undo the injustice of the past.

  42. do you think the decision taken by sunday times to publish this cartoon was ethically acceptable?……..reply to my email…

  43. A very delayed response – unintentional. I support the cartoonist’s right to freedom of speech and on this issue I do not believe it infringed upon the rights of others. It is a check on unchecked power.

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