Sarah Palin, Zapiro, Pieter de Villiers and that sex tape

#36. Wonder if Sarah Palin may be the mystery woman in SA rugby coach Pieter De Villiers’ sex tape — whose existence is as hard to prove as the Loch Ness monster, birth control in the Palin household, and anyone on the other side of the phone when you call the Department of Home Affairs.

On 94.7 Highveld this morning Jeremy Mansfield and company were asking listeners to call in and say who they wouldn’t like to see in a sex tape. Turns out Pieter de Villiers and Jeremy Mansfield topped the list.

The case for Sarah Palin.

It’s one thing to make the tape and it’s quite another to find an audience for it if you aren’t Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie. (Coupled with that is SA’s low bandwith issue which would make it slow to load and buffer you to death. This may present a career option for Zapiro whose quick pen could be used to draw the action in a series of scandalous sex cartoons.)

If there is a tape, someone like Sarah Palin who singlehandedly is making members of the caribou family disappear without a trace in Alaska may be just the person to ensure it never finds its way to Youtube.

Hockey mom – rugby coach. That shared interest in sports may have resulted in an instant connection.

They also have other things in common. She is trying to get a black man out and he is trying to get some black men in.

There are some details I have yet to figure out — like how she managed to get to King Williams Town (I don’t even know where that is, but I am told bison roam those plains) but for now I think there is enough prima facie evidence to pursue this line of thought.

One thought on “Sarah Palin, Zapiro, Pieter de Villiers and that sex tape

  1. Wrong!! I don’t believe for one moment that Sarah Palin joins Julius Malema in any shape, manner or form in your “Recent Comments” column. It’s like comparing an angel with a demagogue!! As for the above comments by your correspondent, if he knew anything about American politics, he would pray that the Republicans win the election. If he is an American, then it’s quite obvious he is a Democrat, hence their forte, the smear campaign. But he need not worry the people of this continent are not interested in the successes or failures of either party because they are not only ignorant when it comes to American polotics, but they are totally colour blind. The above comments by the writer to a supposed sex tape of Sarah Palin would never happen, because of her character and morals. However the writer seems to have sex on the brain when he mentions Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie. The latter as a matter of interest has three children from Brad Pitt and they are not even married!! One need not be a rocket scientist to see what the writer has when it comes to morals, scruples and decency. The sad part is, he doesn’t even know her!! Her crime? She’s standing as vice president to John McCain.


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