Z news not brought to you by the SABC

#73. Get hooked on Z News (pronounced ze news). With the Nicholson ruling having been overturned the T-Boss and JZ show is back in the headlines. Z News is the brainchild of political cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro aka Zapiro — the man Jacob Zuma’s legal team (and he needs one) might as well create templated lawyers letters for.  Only the dates and details need changing (shower head, having his way with the figure of Justice, blah blah blah etc.)The story doing the rounds is that the SABC – the public broadcaster whose last known act of imagination and daring was changing the screening times of The Bold and The Beautiful –  “commissioned” Zapiro to write a satirical news show based on his cartooning skills.

In a case of “be careful what you wish for” or in this case what you pay for (the puppets created for the show are said to have cost around R100 000 each and had to be specially made in France) — he did, and they just couldn’t, and so they didn’t and he did — on You Tube.

This is my current favourite episode – Thabo Mbeki’s rendition of “I will survive”. Gloria Gaynor, eat your heart out.

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2 thoughts on “Z news not brought to you by the SABC

  1. Hmmm… the puppets didn’t actually cost that much. And they were all made here in Cape Town. We sent one of our people to Paris for training for 2 weeks, and she passed on the skills she learned to another 16 members of our local crew. You can catch some of the best moments we had making of Z News on Zoopy (http://www.zoopy.com/q/lqp) or on our facebook fan page.
    I’m glad you enjoyed our work! So stay tuned, we might still make it on the SABC – or another screen near you, hopefully before the lections.

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