Bafana Bafana 0 – Joburg airport 2

#154. Go to the airport and collect someone. And it took more than an hour for them to make it from the plane to international arrivals this morning. No complaints here though as it gave me extra time to find OR Tambo International’s best kept secret – a brand new super-cool Woolworths store. (Score one goal for the brand) But not just any store — the kind of store that would have made the Tom Hanks character in Terminal, a happy man.

Friendly staff, pretty decor and everything on display looked fresh and tasty. Worth a return visit even if you are not planning on traveling. Even worth braving the parking that is always full despite the building and more building (is that a decoy?) — although the new system that has lights indicating where parking spots are empty or full is a joy to behold. (Score one goal for the Airports Company).
And then there’s the big South African welcome posters for the Fifa World Cup 2010 in the terminal building. They shout out Hello, Hola, Howzit, Hoezit, Hayibo and even Jislaaik!

Should we be warning tourists that if they hear “Jislaaik!” on arrival — it’s not a good sign.

Or perhaps the jislaaik! was for the returning South African soccer team who managed to lose last night to Iceland (a stunning record of eight defeats out of nine games since the Confederations Cup held in June). Hayibo.

At this point most South Africans are united by one thing — the desire to wave good bye to coach Santana. Perhaps we should start on some new posters that say: Ate a vista, Ate logo, Adeus, Tchau or at the very least … Voetsek!


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