Why the caged bird sings or breakfast at The Birdcage

#160. Eat fluffy scrambled eggs at one of Joburg’s cutest breakfast spots.¬† I am letting this secret out.

I think of “The Birdcage” and it conjures up memories of going to the cinema in Parkview (in the late 70s suburbs like Greenside and Parkview had their own moviehouses*) to see La Cage aux Folles with my mother and my brother. We may have been from Benoni but we loved big hair, spangles and showtunes¬† (that’s’ probably why). It also makes me want to repeat Peter Sellers’ mantra from that crazy movie The Party, “Birdie num num”.

But enough of the birdie nostalgia. The Birdcage is a little haven along Jan Smuts Avenue near to the Zoo Lake. Think flowing water, fresh roses, crystal chandeliers, snuggly blankets for a brisk morning, croissants (made from scratch, they said, so it takes 15 minutes. I would hazard a guess that there’s dough in them pastries) a Tretchikoff, friendly service and an awesome selection of teas including Japanese Cherry tea (one my other favoured breakfast spots The Park Cafe just a few blocks up also has these) and of course fluffy scrambled eggs. There are also lots of tables outside sheltered by pretty trees complete with a range of birdcages.

If you are not a fan of French comedies, Peter Sellers, Tretchikoff or tea you should stop reading this now — pick your nose, watch some cricket, and get involved in a road rage incident (some things I don’t like).

If you are still with me I have heard The Birdcage serves up a great lunch — weekends especially.

The Birdcage

The Birdcage

* I found a great piece on Joburg’s suburban cinemas – specifically the Victory Theatre and Italo Bernicchi, the man who ran it for 35 years and brought French and Italian cinema to the city long before the multiplexes got their hands on movies and ushered art out of film – on the Preview Theatre’s site.

The Birdcage is at 82 Jan Smuts Avenue, cnr Cotswold Drive. It’s open Monday to Sunday Tel: 011 646 6315

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