Blue Bulls not the only victors in Soweto

105 Something truly amazing took place in this country over the past few days.
A collision of worlds and I am not talking about the people who queued for the last round of World Cup tickets on Friday and ended up having to be dispersed by riot police after their appetite for the event was underestimated.
These photographs from last week’s clash between the Blue Bulls and the Crusaders at Orlando Stadium in Soweto have been doing the email rounds. They capture the day Pretoria’s rugby lovers made their way into Soweto (many of them for the first time) to watch their team at the home of South African soccer at Orlando Stadium. And they tell a story about this country, about why South Africa is a place that has not lost its ability to surprise even us, and to defy gloomy expectations. They also show that the people of this country are more able to create their own destiny than any number of vocal, divisive and headline-hogging politicians.

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