Public Art in Joburg – The west side story Part II

Taking a walk to see Joburg’s public art would be incomplete without a few stops, so here’s my favourite 4 snack stops in the city.


Velo, Braamfontein. photo from Yaela's Stage

1. Velo (photo from Yaela’s Stage blog)

Where: The Grove, Melle Street, Braamfontein

What it is: A gallery/coffee shop/hangout/with free wifi/fresh food/great coffee. The kind of place you can stay for an hour/or a day.

What it has: The most delicious croissants, cappuccino and sandwiches, and proximity to real street life (plus parking under Hotel Lamunu).

See more about it on JHB Live, and



Mikayu salmon platter

2. Mikayu

Where: Cnr Simmonds& Anderson Street Marshalltown

What it is: an Asian/everything  diner near Standard bank’s headquarters so prepare yourself to be surrounded by the villains of 2011 – bankers.

What it has:  delicious sushi, artfully prepared by the friendly chef and great service too.

3. Golden Peacock

Where: Oriental Plaza, Fordsburg

What it is: one of the oldest samoosa take-out joints in the city. It’s been there since I was a kid and is as good as ever

What it has: hot samoosas, mutton, chicken, pea and potato, cheese and onion and a whole more in between. Not the friendliest faces but the samosas make the trip all worthwhile. Plus note the sign:



4. Ramen

Where: The Grove, melle street, Braamfontein

What it is: a little misleadingly named as you won’t find real bowls of ramen here – but the stir fries are tasty, the menu simple and it’s a good lunch stop.

What it has: chicken stir fry with fresh crunchy vegetables

* See Public Art in Joburg – the west side story Part I for how to spend the rest of your time.





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