John McCain's economic recovery plan

#44. Seek some light relief from the country’s leadership crisis, Thabo Mbeki’s urgent appeal in the Constitutional Court to clear his name, and that other small matter, the world economic crisis.

My favourite news source The Onion is reporting that Republican candidate John McCain has a plan, based on his personal experience,  to halt the economic decline of the United States of America. It’s called: “Everyone Marry a Beer Heiress”. See it for yourself.

McCain’s Economic Plan For Nation: “Everyone Marry A Beer Heiress”

Gina Gershon gets Sarah Palin, and her gun

#39. Write about Sarah Palin. And then write about her some more. It’s irresistable – the five kids, the pregnant teen, the caribou, that hairstyle, that running mate, that bikini with the matching shotgun. And I am not the only one who has fallen prey to ms Palin’s charms. Continue reading